Pobble Publishers 📝

We are excited to be launching Pobble in our school.

Throughout school we are using this fantastic resource as a stimulus for writing and to inspire the children. It also allows us access to a range of resources such as images and video clips to engage all learners.

In KS2, the children will become published authors, using Pobble as a platform to share their writing with an audience. Alongside this, all KS2 children will have the opportunity to have their own account which allows them to access their work and comment on other children’s work. They will work alongside their class teachers and the computing coordinators to understand how to use Pobble safely and effectively.

We have received the majority of Ks2 permission letters, allowing us to publish your child’s work. You will receive an email to activate their account (check in your junk mail too). However, if you need a new letter please pop into school to collect one.

Please see the link below which takes you to our school page.