School closes for half term on Friday 16th February and re opens on Monday 26th February.

Our School Values

As a church school we believe in God and respect each other.

It is a safe place for everyone to to have fun and learn.

Everyone is encouraged to do their best and to help

others to do the same

Everyone leaves our school excited to learn more and

ready for the journey ahead.

Everyone is made to feel equal and inspired to achieve

their goals.

   We are thankful to everyone and God for our wonderful  church school.

The children of Slaithwaite C.E.J.I School

September 2017

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              Children’s Views of our school

“When I think about school, the first thing that comes into my head is awesome!!”

“I love our school! It’s exciting and fun and the teachers are brilliant! I feel safe and supported at our school.”

“Our school is really good. The lessons are fun and sometimes tricky. The teachers always support me when I am stuck.”


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